Deep South’s Literary Trail App

A couple of summers ago, I had the pleasure of working on a project with Deep South Magazine and all the interns. We were tasked with researching and writing about special points of interests in all things related to southern literary culture.

The app is out and more information can be found on Deep South Magazine’s website.

This is my review of the app for it has been updated since I put in my initial help on the project.

Deep South Literary Trail App by Erin Z. Bass

Erin is a native of South Louisiana and is also the founder of Deep South Magazine.

The first thing I noticed about the app is that everything, every place or event, is listed alphabetically. However, you can put on a filter and sort the app the way you want, which I LOVE. I left my filter to EVERYTHING but changed the SORTING to “distance.” This allows me to see right off the bat what the closest stop is for me, which is the Helen Keller Birthplace of course, at 59.8 miles away. If I select the Helen Keller Birthplace by tapping it, the app takes me to another page that has a brief write-up and description. This particular stop also lists an Insider Tip: “Don’t miss the home’s library with Keller’s collection of Braille books and original typewriter.”

Below the write-up and insider tip are all the details about the place or event such as Hours of Operation, if there is an admission price or not, of course the address/phone numbers, website, and any social media links. If I opt to tap on the address, the app then takes me to the map and “get directions.” Everything is right at my fingertips, literally.

On each individual entry, you can also type in your own input. If you want to ask a question, help correct any errors, suggest additional information, or just leave a comment, you can do that too!

You can opt to list your stops into categories. Let’s say you want to just look up festivals/events, there’s a filter for that. The categories broken down are as follows: Bookstores, Cemeteries, Events/Festivals, Historical Markers, Hotels, Landmarks, Libraries, Museums, Restaurant & Bars, Tours, and Writers’ Homes.

If you want to filter Museums and sort by Cost, you can do that and the app lists the free ones first. The app is versatile and user-friendly. You can just browse all the entries, read about the events and places, or plan an actual trip to one of these trail stops. Photos are abundant in this app too. If you see a photo you like, tap on it and the app will take you to the entire write-up and detailed information.

Personally, I have my app set up to filter EVERYTHING and sort by DISTANCE, this way I can see what is in my immediate area that I might be able to make a day trip out of in the near future.

The app is available for download on iTunes and it is also available on ANDROID. The app is a steal at $2.99 – it is worth that much and more even if you just buy it to read about the different locations.

Leave a comment or send me a note if you download the app and let me know what you think.

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