CrossFit Nancy, Overhead Squat, #MoxieFit50

CrossFit Nancy

CrossFit Nancy. CrossFit is known for named workouts. If it is named after a man, then it was named after a real person; normally a fallen service member, police officer, fireman. There are also workouts named after women and I have no idea about the background of the women-named workouts. But in the women-named workouts is one called Nancy.

CrossFit Nancy

The Nancy workout consists of:

5 Rounds for time:

400m run
15 reps of overhead squats, 65# for women and 95# for men

The first time I attempted Nancy was my first year of CrossFit. I had to scale it way back to 55# and three rounds. I wanted to quit so hard during that workout.

I have not attempted Nancy since way back then. Until now, I did it on my own, from my garage gym just a few days ago.

Here’s the thing, I THOUGHT I was doing it scaled because when you look up the workout on the internet it only lists the 95# portion. After I posted that I scaled it to 65# on Facebook, another CrossFitter told me, “No ma’am, you Rx’d because that is 65# for women.

OH! Cool.

But the point is that I did it as prescribed, 5 rounds, did NOT stop to walk and did all the overhead squats unbroken. My time was 21:45

I think I can improve on that time.

Anyway, here is a demonstration of the overhead squats.

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