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Eating Like Brad Pitt

I’m sure you have seen the remake of the movie Ocean’s 11. The one with Clooney and Brad Pitt and a whole cast of characters? I’ve watched it, more than once, and its sequels. I liked all of the movies.

One of the little quirks I noticed is that Brad Pitt’s character, Rusty Ryan, is eating in a lot of the scenes. I think it’s cute. I get it. And it’s something I’m going to have to start doing myself.

What Brad’s character is eating escapes me right now. I believe he is eating an orange in one of the scenes. I can’t remember if junk food is ever involved or not.

It is not what he is eating but how often he is eating. Like I said, he is eating in a lot of the scenes. It just reminds me that I should probably start eating smaller meals all throughout the day.

Here is why –

I have realized that I should not eat anything white. I should not have pasta, bread, milk, anything made with white flour, and absolutely no sugar. Definitely no sugar.

Last year, for a month or so, I got off of eating anything white or anything made with white flour/sugar. I lost 20# immediately. Not only did I feel better physically but I felt better mentally and emotionally. I say “anything white” because it was easier for me to monitor. Because think about it, anything made with “white stuff” is going to usually be sugar and flour – two of the things I need to stay far away from for my health.

veggies, healthy foods, raw, carrots, apples

I’m a borderline diabetic. Eating things made with white flour and sugar makes me bloat and swell. I feel horrible when I eat these things. My joints get all inflamed and I’m sure it is wreaking havoc on my internal organs too. But in general, I just feel like CRAP when I eat those things.

Having said all of that, I never feel like I get satisfied when I leave those things out of my diet. I always feel hungry. Or at least in the beginning I did. The first few days or week was horrible and I thought I was going to die. Eventually, though, everything else caught up with me and my system started lining up with my new way of eating.

So I just have to remember that the feeling of hunger will not last. It is a symptom of withdrawal.

Today is my first day. It’s been easier because I am home today. I have access to food. At work it may be a little more difficult to eat throughout the day. But I’ll figure it out. I feel like I should be eating something every couple of hours. Raw fruits and vegetables, almonds, gallons of iced water, and I found a whole load of good stuff on Pinterest. Skinny Pumpkin Energy Bites, hello!

I recently read where an older person should add more protein to their diet too. Now, I am not a doctor or dietitian or any sort of health expert and I am probably not going to be able to take in the amount of protein suggested by this article. But I’d rather try to focus on the protein rather than the sugar.

But let’s be honest, the real reason I am going to stop eating all the white stuff is because I want to start posting pictures of me doing CrossFit. So, you know, just sayin.

Thanks for reading and show me your moxie!


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