Educating Myself About Firearms

thoughtbubbleBWSeveral months ago, I went through a basic pistol course that lasted a full day.

The owner of a local company called Second Amendment Firearms & Training, LLC, is also a certified NRA instructor and it was his class that I attended.

I blogged about that experience on my old blog.

For the longest time, I have had an irrational fear of guns. Yes, I shot one when I was in the Navy but it was at Boot Camp, shot it one time, and I was 18-years old – too young to have any sort of fear of anything at that age.

Years go by and I sober up, settle down, start watching the news and all of a sudden I was 40-something years old and scared.

I work with a bunch of gun enthusiasts. My co-workers and bosses kept showing me their guns and talking to me about their guns. Every time they’d bring their guns out, I’d get all nervous and my heart rate would go up to the speed of nearly cardiac arrest.

But eventually, I decided that I needed to go through this basic pistol course. I wasn’t going to let any fear rule me. Well, I’ll still let snakes rule me, so there’s that. However, I wanted to face this fear of guns. After all, it was only a matter of education.

And fear or no fear, I have always been a supporter of the Second Amendment.

The basic pistol class was an all day class with four hours of class room lecture and four hours out on the shooting range. I was so nervous y’all, and scared, but I did it. And do you know what happened? I LOVED IT!

Recently, some friends and I went out to the range and I had a blast! Another couple was there that day practicing with their wide variety of guns. I got to talking to them and they even let me shoot one of their firearms – a Ruger SR9.

The friends I was with also had their own collection of firearms – an M1911 .45 and a couple of .380 revolvers. My friend had me shoot his .45 and, man-oh-man, I loved that one too!



So, what do you think? Will I survive the Zombie Apocalypse? I don’t know but I plan to keep practicing.

My fear of guns was irrational. All I needed to do was educate myself about them and know how they work. I will continue to practice and will always respect all firearms.

And all the snakes? Not so much. That fear will always rule me.

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