Episode 3, Jumping On

Carol ReMarks podcast

It’s really still quite terrible but nonetheless, here it is…. Episode 3, Jumping On – a podcast from Carol ReMarks.

Episode 3, Jumping On

I would like to say something about our podcast host, SimpleCast – as a newbie podcaster, I’ve found them to be reliable and user-friendly not to mention visually attractive platform. They’ve been great! My favorite feature is the RECAST option, to help promote on social media.

While I realize it is still quite terrible, I am having fun. One can only improve, right? The hard part is not the actual performance of doing a podcast but coming up with engaging content for a solo podcaster. What in the world do I talk about, by myself? What do I want to share or what do you want to hear?

Do I even have anything worth sharing with you all? I don’t know but the thought of it is still exciting to me.

The podcast I do with my daughter is so much easier because I have a co-host, someone to bounce stuff off of, banter. If you would like to take a listen, we are up to 17 episodes at More ReMarks.

Author: Carol Marks

Living life after fifty. I am your charmingly bold Generation-X blogger and podcaster sharing my experience on what it is like to live life beyond the Big 5-0. Yes, it's possible and in some ways, even better than ever.

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