Eric Carmody, CrossFit, and Me

Most people who know me know that I participate in CrossFit. I absolutely LOVE CrossFit. I started CrossFit about a year ago and no one is more surprised than me about how much I love it. I was terrified to give it a try before and even in my first Fundamentals class, when the trainer asked everyone to tell him what they expected or wanted out of CrossFit, I simply said, “I’m terrified.”

And a year ago I had no idea who Rich Froning was or Eric Carmody. I know now. I watched the CrossFit Games this year and I was introduced to Eric Carmody. This year, my first year, in CrossFit Impulse, I kept hearing people drop the name Eric Carmody. And they all spoke about him like they all knew him. As far as I could tell though, he was in Asia somewhere, training or opening a CrossFit box there, or something. But people were stoked about him.

Hell, his name was hanging on the wall in big bold white letters after all.

Eric Carmody, 2013 CrossFit Games
Eric Carmody, 2013 CrossFit Games

Come to find out, he used to be a trainer at CrossFit Impulse. The one I attend, in Madison, Alabama.

No matter who I talked to, or heard it from, everyone said the same thing about Eric Carmody; one of THE NICEST GUYS YOU’LL EVER MEET. I don’t hear that a lot from people and so when a LOT of people tell me this, about one guy, I tend to pay attention. Of course, the ever skeptic in me wanted to balk. And I would find out for myself, in time.

Sure enough, right before the 2014 CrossFit Games, Eric Carmody came home. He was in town for a little while before he flew off to California for the Games. I got to meet the man that everyone talked about. The man with the pink mo-hawk, or the blue mo-hawk, or the multi-colored mo-hawk.

Eric Carmody, 2014 CrossFit Games
Eric Carmody, 2014 CrossFit Games

Let me tell you something. Everything, all the nice things that everyone said about Eric, all of them, every last word about him being THE NICEST GUY YOU’LL EVER MEET….. all true.

I was intimidated at first, naturally. I always am when I meet new people and especially a celebrity such as Eric! But he was SO NICE! When I found out I was going to be in his class, that he was going to be the lead trainer on a class I showed up for, I about peed my shorts! Oh! I was so nervous. But I’ll tell you what, he enthusiastically and cheerfully through that bright white contagious smile of his helped me through one of the toughest WODs of my CrossFit career. In this particular WOD, I was to row 2,000 meters, and do some other stuff too that I can’t remember right now but I remember seeing that 2,000 meter row on the board and I thought, “Ain’t no way.” The furthest I had rowed by now was about 250 – 300M, that alone about did me in. And now you want me to row 2,000 meters? Yeah, aint’ happening. Except, it did, thanks to Eric.

Eric Carmody, CrossFit
Eric and Me, and Eric on my tank top.

The above photo was taken just about a week ago. The Games have been over with for a short little while. I also got Eric to sign my workout book. I had to take about a month off from CrossFit because I had a bout of the gout and that SUCKED! This photo is my second day back, I think? It’s been slow going for me to return but I am returning. I love CrossFit. It has done, and is doing, so much for me. I’ll blog about it more in the future, I know it.

Now that I’ve dabbled with it for a year, CrossFit; it is time to get serious.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

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