Everybody’s an Expert

Everybody is an Expert

These days, everybody is an expert. I blame a lot of it on the internet, blogs, Google, reality television, cable news, and media in general to name a few. I fall victim to wanting to be an expert too.

Everybody’s an Expert

I fall victim to wanting to be an expert too. I have wanted for a long time, too long now, for folks to look to me to be the authority on a subject. My problem is that I don’t have a subject to wave around the world to convince them I am the authority on said topic.

Funny, huh? I think it is hilarious now; now that I realize this about myself and my blog.

I see people all over the internet, whether it be in blog format, YouTube, or any various platforms of social media where they tout their expertise on a wide variety of topics and I think to myself, “Yeah, I want to be that way too.”

Only I’m not. I don’t know shit.

I don’t know how to cook. I don’t know how to take photographs. I don’t know how to write books. I don’t know how to write about travel. I don’t know crap about politics. I don’t know how to DIY, arts or crafts. I don’t know how to farm or homestead. I don’t know makeup artistry. I don’t know how to tell a story and tell it well. I don’t know grammar. I’m sure my punctuation sucks as well. I don’t know anything!

What DO I know? I know what I like but that doesn’t make me an expert.

It wears me out trying to be something or someone. I do like to exercise (CrossFit) but that’s not much to blog about considering I’m not an expert on that at all. I just like to do it.

Honestly, I don’t really like to shop either. Nor do I feel comfortable about taking outfit-of-the-day photos, or trying to create fashion shoots. I certainly don’t know a damned thing about fashion or style.

With my new job, I don’t have the time it takes to build a personal brand. I am loving my new job and I’ve learned a lot, not just about the job but about myself!

So why do I have a stupid blog? I have no idea. I’ve lost my way. I am trying to remember why I even started blogging, back in the day, back in the mid-1990s. One, to be a part of a community. Two, to share my thoughts. And that was it, really.

When I started blogging it wasn’t to set out to teach anyone anything. It was not to be an expert on one certain topic and it certainly wasn’t to teach anyone anything. So how did I get caught up in all this popularity contest, now?

Because the landscape changed and who wants to be left behind? Maybe that’s it. I don’t know. Perhaps I need to start a blog titled, I DON’T KNOW. Ha! Nah, I’ll stay here at Moxie Beautiful – it can cover a lot.

Perhaps I’ll just go back to simply sharing my thoughts. Crap, this means I’ll have to probably change all my categories around. What a pain in the ass.

Look, even my own blog is telling me I’m doing it all wrong!


Oh well. Whatever.

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One thought on “Everybody’s an Expert”

  1. Carol, I came to you blog for the firs time and had a read of this article, interesting. I believe what you wrote about is actually the voice of many bloggers today who fear not to show it to the world. You are different, you came out bold and just spilled all the beans.

    I have been blogging for 3 years now and I believe I had moments when I was thinking on the same lines. But then I did a lots of reading and research into what “ignites” me (or anyone). What is that “one” deepest desire which every human being is created with.

    It might be to express your thoughts (without any order) to the wider worls?

    It might be the love of divine and nature?

    It might be an urge and a vision to help the humanity and leave the legacy?

    It might be something as simple as day to day productivity?

    Or perhaps, fashion and styling for a modern women in 2025 and onwards?

    You choose this. You decide this. You create this vision and “personal mission statement” of your life. And I am sure you will have enough fire and passion in your belly to write about it for ever. Yes you will not be an expert on day one, or even in months or a couple of years. But as long as you keep this passion with you and visualise it every day, you will become better and better in this niche. One day you will be an expert, trust me.

    Because, energy flows where focus goes.

    Find your focus, spend time on it and fix it.

    Then blog about it with love and care, don’t worry about mastery, it will come with time.

    Good luck and I liked the style and clean look of your blog + your bold writing style :)) Have a great day ahead. Cheers

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