Explaining GHD

Explaining GHD

Explaining GHD. The other day I was trying to explain a GHD sit-up to someone. I whipped out some paper and pencil and proceeded to draw this little image as a demonstration.

Explaining GHD

And then I remembered I had a smart phone and Google at my fingertips. DUH! Even after years of having access to the internet, my first inclination is to still draw something out for someone, to draw a picture. And I am no artist as you can clearly see.

What about you? Do you still want to try to explain something with pencil and paper? Are you a Millennial or a Generation-Xer?

FYI, in CrossFit terms, the GHD stands for Glute-Ham Developer. And the apparatus looks like this:


The GHD sit-up….

I think my little stick figure drawing is not bad. However, when I posted it on social media another CrossFitter suggested that I did not convey the pain and misery in this particular stick-figure athlete’s face that the GHD induces.

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