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So the Rocket City Bloggers Carnival is coming up on February 13th and will be hosted over at

The Rocket City Bloggers Carnival is a link round-up of Huntsville bloggers and normally hosted by one member of the group on a monthly basis. Each month we have a new theme. This month, being February, the theme is passion. A blog post about passion. All of these links are gathered up and then published on one of our blogs.

This is my post for the Carnival and of course I’m going to blog about my passion for blogging. I have started this post over several times already. At first I was going to blog about my passion for writing but then I realized my passion is bigger than writing because writing is a part of Blogging like math is a part of Accounting.

Lately I’ve been hanging out at the Independent Fashion Bloggers site. Now before you roll your eyes and close your laptop, hear me out please.

My curiosity first started with the Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB) site because of all the fantastic “how-to” information they run on a weekly basis. IFB is a consistent cornucopia of blogging resources, knowledge, and information. Even if you are not a fashion blogger or have anything to do with fashion, it is still a great site to go to for the latest and greatest in the blogging world itself.

It is over at the Independent Fashion Bloggers website where I first learned about the “editorial calendar.” Oh my goodness, this handy dandy simple little tool has changed my blogging life! I am taking my blog in a slightly new direction. You probably won’t notice much of a change but hopefully it will become somewhat more consistent.

Do I think I am a fashion blogger? Of course not. So let me make myself perfectly clear right now. I am NOT a style-blogger. When you come to my blog you will not see pictures of me and my outfits. Nope. I want to write about fashion, not be fashion.

There are true fashion and style bloggers out there who have been at this for a while and know what they are doing, they’ve worked hard and built their brand. What I have discovered for myself is that I like learning about the fashion industry. I like researching and learning about the world of fashion and its environment; the history, the designers, boutique owners, the business, the runways (big and small), the stories, editorials, publications, the fashion bloggers, the lifestyle. I want to write and blog about it, or learn how to. If I had to absolutely label my blog then I’d call it a lifestyle blog, I guess.

This is why I like the quote I used in the beginning about fashion being something more than just dresses. It is ideas, the way we live, what is happening. Thank you Coco Chanel. This is what I like to write and blog about at Carol Marks Online. It is my passion. It is life.


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