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Seeing as how the Final Four is happening this week, I thought I would do my Favorite Four picks of CrossFit movements.

The following is a list of my four favorite CrossFit movements.

Favorite Four

In no particular order, my four favorite CrossFit movements are:

The Overhead Squat

I love the overhead squat because it takes a lot of core strength to do this one. It is also a movement that I have most improved upon since I started with CrossFit. The movement has helped my shoulder flexibility and core strength. The last time I measured this movement for a 1 rep max (from the rack) was at 110#.

The Thruster

Ah, the good ole thruster indeed. It is a tough one especially when having to do it over and over again in a workout. But that is exactly why I like it. It works the whole body and it helps with cardio. This is an all over movement, at least to me it is. You know how some folks do pushups and situps as a regular routine? I’d do thrusters as my regular routine if I had to pick one movement to do from now on.

The Deadlift

The simple movement of a deadlift. I’m short so I don’t have to lift it too far off the ground, haha! But really, I think I like this one because it is the movement where I can lift the most. Heh. 😉 The last time I measured my PR was at 245# and that was probably a little over a year ago.

The Power Clean

This is probably one of the first moves I ever learned in CrossFit. It is basic and really the foundation for a lot of other movements. Another reason I like this movement is because it was very challenging for me in the beginning and probably the first time I felt a shot of confidence when going up in weight or completing in a workout. I guess kind of like your first Love or your first pair of Chucks or how you may remember your first roller coaster ride, whatever the “first” memory, it has a special place in your heart or mind. That’s how I feel about the power clean.

But that’s it, my four favorite movements in CrossFit.

Ciao Mio Amore,

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