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My First Fitness Competition – The Festivus Games!

Festivus GamesIt is snowing here in north Alabama and I decided to stay home from work. What do you do on snow days here in Alabama you ask? Why you sign up for your first fitness competition – The Festivus Games!

My First Fitness Competition – The Festivus Games

It has been a goal of mine to participate in a fitness competition since I joined CrossFit four years ago. In February I will no longer be an official member of a CrossFit box, I am moving on to a different form of training, but I can still continue the movements. And I can still participate in a competition.

So, not only did I sign up, again, for another year of the CrossFit Open but I also signed up to participate in a local competition called The Festivus Games.

Hosted in Boaz, Alabama on April 21 at Sand Mountain CrossFit. I AM NERVOUS but also excited. It will be fine and it will be fun.

They have already listed their WODS for the competition, a little unusual to post this early but I am thankful.

So, now I have something to look forward and work for, for the near future. It is totally doable. The Festivus Games is geared more to the regular everyday person and not the “fire breather” athlete. Finally, a competition I can do and feel comfortable in.

Wanna come out and cheer me on? It would be much appreciated and welcomed!


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