Fitness and Health Journey

Health and fitness journey

Let me tell you the full story of my fitness and health journey. I’ve blogged about some of it before but I have never given the full story.

It all started many years ago, like maybe 10 years ago? I tried to go back through Facebook to find out when it all started but that’s like trying to find your contact lense you lost in a swimming pool. Goodness.

Fitness and Health Journey

So I am going to guess around 2008 or 2009 when I started with Joe Martin’s Huntsville Boot Camp for Women. I married The Gent in 2008 and I know I was newly living in south Huntsville when I signed up for a year’s worth of boot camp so I am guessing around the 2009 timeframe.

A coworker recommended this new boot camp that she tried out. She said this guy, Joe, was super nice and non judgemental and makes it all fun. Having fun with fitness? I was curious. And of course, my all or nothing personality (which has subsided over the years thankfully) I signed up for a whole year without really knowing much about what I was getting myself into.

What I was in for was this; relentless positivity, fun, camaraderie, nonjudgement, did I mention fun, and of course the start of getting fit and healthy. But I think what changed me the most? Was the relentless posivity, Joe Martin is full of it and likes to share it. I will always credit him for saving my life in many different ways, more ways than he will ever know.

He recently celebrated 10-years of being in business. And I wish him many more successful years but I think he doesn’t need any wishing and hope, he’s got this.

I remember that first day of boot camp, we met in a church gym across the street from an elementary school, probably because it was cold or raining? But oh my gosh, I thought it was so hard and I barely got through it at all. Huffing and puffing and the delayed onset muscle soreness that was about to come. And yet I kept showing up.

Being a woman, you’d think I would like all that girl stuff and bonding but I have always been bashful and I come off as standoff-ish and stuck up but really I am just shy, nervous, and never know what to say to someone I have never met before. But the women there must have picked up on that because they let me be, let me be me, and said hello and was nice but not pushy. Except one, her name is Leslie and she hugged me every chance she could. And I am glad for it, and her. She is one awesome, incredible, and strong person.

Oh the lessons you learn and the people who teach you and who don’t even know it. All of this in a good way.

Since signing up that first day, many years ago, I have done 5ks, a half marathon, a fitness competition, joined CrossFit for a few years, got my CrossFit Level 1 certification, and now I have my own garage gym.

Oh, and with doctor approval, was able to get off all of my medications: I was pre-diabetic, thyroid problems, high cholesterol.

The biggest thing that happened during this journey is that I quit smoking.

My resting heart rate is in the high 40s, I can easily move around and do everyday functional living stuff without being pained or getting out of breath. I can do things I never thought I could do before. I have gained confidence throughout the years, not because of the physical outcome but because I would try things I never thought I could do (fitness related) and once having completed the task, it gave me confidence that I could do more.

fitness and health journey

fitness and health journey

A couple of quotes come to mind when I think about this journey that I have picked up along the way:

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.


Discipline yourself or someone else will.

It has been a great journey and transformation for my soul. This is my thank you to you all, to everyone in my life that helped me. You all know who you are if you are reading this.

Thank you.

Author: Carol Marks

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  1. I’m so happy that you’ve found something that motivates you and that you enjoy doing. That’s a huge struggle for some people, isn’t it? Finding a passion? I’m glad you found yours. You’ve grown so much from when we first “met” so many years ago. I admire your passion and commitment.

    1. Thanks Janette. As far as the growing goes, man oh man, I can’t believe what I used to be – in many different ways. For a while there, and you know when, I was not in my right mind, at all.

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