Flipping for Flipboard

I’ve blogged about Flipboard before, several times. It is one of my favorite social media platforms I like to use. I don’t really use it in connection with my blog. I don’t use it to promote my blog.

Flipping for Flipboard

Instead, I use it like a news feed. I follow certain topics and people in the industries I like to read about or associate my brand with and then I share interesting articles I find on my own social media via Flipboard.

This does a couple of things:

  1. Helps promote others.
  2. Helps to establish me as an expert because I am sharing things I find with my readers.

When I use Flipboard, it also means I am not constantly promoting myself. Gah, that gets on my nerves. When I see other bloggers doing nothing but promoting themselves and nothing else.

Oh look at me, look at me! I blogged today, here it is, read it read it read read it read it read it share it read it. ME ME ME ME ME ME ME

Uh yeah. No.

On Flipboard, you can curate topics you like, blogs to follow, creating your own collection of magazines. Flipboard makes it way easy for you to share what you find with others via all of your social media channels.

Create magazines, invite people to contribute to your magazines, collect and share articles on your magazine. It’s like Pinterest meets newsfeed. But way better. Flipboard is mainly a news aggregator but in as an app and it’s pretty to look at, also easy to use.

So anyway, that is my #BlogLikeCrazy entry for November. What is your favorite social media platform? I am also a Twitter addict.


Thanks for reading and show me Your Moxie!

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