Forgetting September 11


Forgetting September 11, as I scroll through my social media feeds, I am of course reminded of those horrific events on 9/11. I even posted something on Instagram myself about how I will never forget. And on 9/11, every year, I won’t forget. But this got me to thinking, what about the rest of the year? As we go on about our lives the rest of the year, am I forgetting September 11?

Forgetting September 11

Now, I know we are not supposed to be in constant morbid reflection, about anything. So this is not what I am talking about. But what I want to ask myself is what have I done through the years to participate, donate, and remember 9/11? Sadly, not a damned thing.

Shortly after 9/11 happened, a bunch of bloggers got together and decided to post about individual victims of that day, each blogger picked one victim to write about, and some continued to do it year after year. At the time I thought it was a great idea and I am ashamed that I never signed up to participate.

Never once did I even donate to a charity either. Until today. I decided the least I could do, for now, is to make a donation to The Michael Lynch Memorial Foundation.

This Foundation was established by the Family and Friends of Michael Francis Joseph Lynch, FDNY Badge # 2315. It is a charitable foundation dedicated to providing educational opportunities to the children of firefighters, both fallen and active, as well as children of other victims of the September 11th attacks.

But what else can I do, the rest of the year? I don’t want to “just remember” on 9/11 annually. What about when I am getting up at 0440 in the morning to head to the gym, or when I am on my lunch hour, or when I take a road trip, eating breakfast, an ordinary Tuesday in July, Easter Sunday, out to dinner with friends, watching The Voice, walking the dog, am I remembering then? More than likely not.

I get that we are all to move on and live life. I know. I get that, and we have, we do. I guess it just gets on my nerves when on one day out of the year we all decide to Never Forget and post it all over social media. I am sad that I don’t think about these things on any other given day. Sure, it may cross my mind from time to time but it is more of a fleeting thought.

So, what can I do?

I don’t know what I can do but I think I would like to take some time to figure something out. Even if it is simply donating to The Michael Lynch Memorial Foundation throughout the year and not just on one specific day.

It really is hard to believe that 15-years have passed. Currently, I have it on Sports Center and they have been playing small snippets of players and coaches and what they were doing that day or shortly thereafter, especially when they played for the first time after.

Sports Center of all the programs; it doesn’t matter what I am watching, it still makes me tear up, remembering that day.

It will forever be in my mind and heart and it is one of those times when I remember exactly where I was, what I was doing, time of day, how I felt.

No, I will never forget.

Karen Martin, 40-year old head Flight Attendant on American Airlines Flight 11 and one of the first victims of 9/11. She was reportedly stabbed by one of the hijackers.

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