Goodbye Glenn Frey

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I think Glenn Frey was my first ever rock crush. Back in 1984, I was a senior in high school and the movie Beverly Hills Cop made its debut. I saw it in the movie theater. Movies were different back then, they were awesome!

MTV was in its heyday and the video for The Heat is On (from the movie’s soundtrack) was where I first saw Glenn Frey.

I mention Beverly Hills Cop because of the soundtrack, Glenn Frey’s The Heat is On. It was when I saw the movie, heard the song and saw the video is when I fell for Glenn Frey. At that time, I had sort of heard of him from the Eagles but had no idea really (at the time) how extensive his career had been up to that point, from the early 70s. I soon found out.

With David Bowie’s passing as well as Alan Rickman’s and now Glenn Frey, my heart is heavy and I’m filled with sadness. I feel like everything good and wholesome from my young adult life is leaving me. It makes me wish I had paid better attention, recorded the events, captured the memories better somehow.

Three of them right there, back to back, death announcements and still so young.

Goodbye, Glenn Frey.

Ciao mio Amore,

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