Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

My sister-in-law knows how to entertain. She is a fantabulous party thrower and can decorate with the best of them. I first learned about her home entertaining skills when I went to the first Christmas Eve dinner at her house. The spread she put out could have been in the pages of Southern Living. It was absolutely stunning and beautiful and fabulous and I had a great time.

I’ve been to her house several times for these Christmas Eve dinners and it is something different every year. I also follow her “birthday club” on Facebook and love to browse through the pictures of all the different themes. She and her friends do this once a month, rotating in and out of each other’s house, hosting a birthday club luncheon in their homes.

Her birthday club is what inspired me to try to do my first ever “dinner party” earlier in the year, in January, as a New Year Dinner Party. Blogged here. I enjoyed putting it together and I’ve always wanted to do it again. I was going to do another New Year Dinner Party in January 2013 but when the opportunity to have a different girls group over this month, I jumped on it instead. Plus, I had a Pier 1 gift card burning a hole in my pocket.

There is a group of us who get together informally and sometimes impromptu. It doesn’t happen every month. We normally take turns hosting these gatherings at each of our houses. We normally do a potluck and all we do is sit around and catch up, laugh, and eat. It is always a casual gathering. I don’t remember hosting one so when the conversation came up to get together again, I already had the house decorated with Christmas, so I volunteered. It took a few hours of going back and forth to select the date but we eventually came up with December 11th and it is my birthday too!

As you can tell from the photo,  though, I wanted to spruce things up a little, just this one time. It wasn’t hard to pull together and I’m doing a crockpot pot roast. I’m a working girl so this is easiest for me. On Tuesday morning I’ll throw the pot roast, carrots, and potatoes into the crockpot and let it cook all day while I’m at work.

I am looking forward to our gathering. The last time we all got together was several months ago. The group was dubbed the “Ya-Yas” by someone else in the group because of the movie. The movie is one of my favorites too. The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood.

Maybe I will wait on the New Year Dinner Party, it will be too soon for me to try to pull off another one, but with a different set of women. The New Year Dinner was supposed to be for women I don’t normally hang out with or associate with but would like to and like to get to know better. I hate to pass on it but I may have to just because of the timing.

However, I can do one in spring instead, maybe.

In the meantime, enjoy some of the photos I took today of the table setting for Tuesday’s shindig. Hopefully I will remember to snap photos of all of us on Tuesday evening and post them later too.

Oops, I see two of the photos from my sister-in-law’s Christmas Eve dinner party from last year made it into the photo gallery. I don’t know how to insert separate galleries into WordPress yet. So when I tried to put those two pictures in separately, they still ended up in the gallery of photos too. Oh well, you get the drift. Enjoy!

But check out my sister-in-law’s spread from Christmas Eve last year:

Anyway, I’m looking forward to Tuesday.

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  • Zoot

    I am so jealous of your Christmas table. I do have Christmas Dishes but they’re a bit of a hodgepodge and just don’t look as pretty out like yours do. And everything else on your table is gorgeous and I don’t have any of that stuff. Like the “real” napkins…NOPE. I’m still putting paper stuff out, even when we have people over 😉

    • cam

      I love hodgepodge! And you know I only do this maybe once a year and this is only my second time at that. LOL I learned from my sister-in-law. Besides, I’m not out there training and running marathons on a regular basis and I don’t have little kids anymore. So….. you know, I get bored.

  • Kim @ This Belle Rocks

    I love those dishes mightily! One of these days, perhaps I will throw a dinner party, or afternoon luncheon or something of the sort. Zoot said those are Christmas dishes? I do not own a set of those yet, but plan on collecting “Star Glow” Royal Ironstone for the occasion 🙂

  • Kim @ This Belle Rocks

    And….never mind about above…I see Zoot commented on your Christmas *table*, not Christmas dishes. But I do love yours!

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