Halloween 2016 Costume Idea

Halloween 2016 Costume

Halloween 2016 Costume Idea – I am SOOOOOO not a Halloween person. On top of that, I am horrible at picking out and/or creating a costume. This is probably the real reason I am not a Halloween person.

Halloween 2016 Costume Idea

The effort alone is overwhelming to me just thinking about it. And I am not that creative. And aside from all of that, I have never particular cared for this tradition to begin with, not as an adult. I loved it as a kid.

However, having said all of that, I am going to Wytheville, Virginia over the Halloween weekend to spend time with family and my stepmother is a fanatic for the spooky festivities. And she does make it fun. So, a Halloween costume I needed to come up with indeed! They are going to host a Halloween party.

At first, I was going to go as Betty Rizzo. I had the jacket and everything. I had dressed up as her once before so it would have been super easy to reproduce. Effortless. But, I have recently realized that the Pink Ladies jacket went out with my last closet purge.

My backup idea was Holly Golightly. I could easily put either the classic traditional icon look with the black dress, pearls, tiara, gloves and whatnot or I could do the sleeping mask white night shirt version. Either one would have been simple to pull together.

But as I was Googling some Halloween costume ideas, I found the silent film actress. OH MY GOSH! I LOVE THIS IDEA. Yes, it will take some effort but I think I can do it.

I’ve Googled how to do the face and body makeup. I’ll have to do some trial runs I’m sure. If you want to see some other people who have already accomplished this, just Google “Silent Film Actress Halloween Costume Ideas” and you’ll get a slew of images and how-tos.

At any rate, I am actually kind of excited this year for Halloween. I remember as a teenager, living with my dad and step mother, they always celebrated this yearly activity. One year, we even had a real funeral casket set up with a dummy in it and dry ice all around the driveway. We all dressed up every year. It was fun I must admit.

Here is a little preview or inspiration I put together. DO NOT look at these prices included in the polyvore ensemble. I only put this together for inspirational purposes.

Halloween Costume 2016


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Halloween 2016 Costume Idea

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Halloween 2016 Costume

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