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Happy Belated Blog Birthday To Me

Apparently, back in October, this little blog had a 4-year anniversary, or blog birthday if you will. I’ve been blogging for way longer than 4 years. I actually started blogging back when Bloodspot first launched, back in the early to mid-90s? Yeah.

Cats, Memes, Blogs

I’ve had so many different blogs over the years. My first one was named, “Yeah. Right. Whatever.” Then the next one I had, after I got serious about blogging, was called “An American Housewife.” I lose track after that, way too many to remember and list here. I do remember having one named Alabama Improper too.

Anyway, I’ve had this one for four years! WOOT! Actually, I’ve had this one because originally it was my name. and everyone should have their name in a domain. But I wanted to brand myself and no one cares about – who is that?! So I renamed my blog Moxie Beautiful and have redirected here. The name Moxie Beautiful can cover a wide-variety of topics and that makes me happy.

Thanks for reading and show me your moxie!


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