Happy Birthday to Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp! Oh, and I won an award.

Friday night, Joe and Jessica Martin put out a spread for all the Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp for Women to enjoy. It was their 5-year business anniversary and a party was to be had. Food was served, dancing took place, and awards were given out.

It was a great time and I enjoyed seeing some friends I hadn’t seen in a while. It was also fun to see everyone dressed up and with their face on. Normally, I see them at 0530 in the morning in their workout clothes and sweatin’!

The red carpet was put out for the women of Huntsville and their spouses. Thank you Joe and Jessica for a great time!

The party was at Lowe Mill and the food provided by Taziki’s. Oh, and did I mention there was a giant Big Girl Panty cake?! Yes, there was a Big Girl Panty cake. 🙂

Best Shins in Huntsville 2014 Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp for Women 5-year celebrationI don’t remember winning many awards in my lifetime. So at the ripe old age of 47 I was thrilled to get two of them from Joe Martin. At some point in time, I was the recipient of the Big Girl Panties award when I used to attend Joe’s Boot Camps. Then, on the celebration night, I also got a bonafide medal award for Best Shins in Huntsville! I mean hello! Heck yeah baby! LOL

Later in the party, I quietly thanked Joe for my award to which he excitedly replied, “Oh well yeah, you deserve it, I know what I’m taking about, I’m a professional!” Joe cracks me up!

Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp for Women 5-year celebration at Lowe Mill
Katie and Jessica




Joe & Jessica Martin, Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp for Women 5-year celebration
Jessica & Joe Martin

You know, I will always give Joe Martin credit for changing my life and my attitude. He played a big part in me giving CrossFit a try. Because of him and his Boot Camp, I gained confidence, a more positive can-do attitude, and a healthier lifestyle. And as I type this, I haven’t had a cigarette in 6 month (again). Ha!

I will always support Joe Martin and do pretty much anything he would ask of me. That man is so positive and encouraging. I’ve never known anyone who deserves to have so much success and happiness. He does it right. So, thank you Joe Martin for being here and giving so much of yourself. You are awesome!

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