Happy Independence Day

Happy 4th ya’ll.

Ok, I’m back with an update. I wouldn’t feel right just leaving a graphic up here for my post today. Remember, I have challenged myself to blog 365 days in a row, that means writing a blog post.

The Gent and I went to our annual 4th of July picnic and celebration at our friend’s farm. It was a great time as usual but it seemed to whoosh by this year.

When we first arrived it was HOT HOT HOT but then a front must have come through because it cooled down quickly, the sun went behind the clouds and right when we were leaving for the day it started raining.

We got to see some familiar faces and even meet some new people. The kids had a blast, they had been out at the farm all week supposedly helping with preparing the farm and helping out.

But the day went by way too quickly. Of course I forgot to take my camera this year. I have photos from previous years to share with you though.

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