He Loves Me The Gent and Me

He Loves Me

He Loves Me The Gent and MeHe loves me. How do I know? Besides the obvious ways, let me count the ways.

He Loves Me

  • He walks the dog early in the morning and when it is cold.
  • He drives the older car.
  • He cooks for me, every day.
  • He takes the short shower, saving me the hot water.
  • He greets me at the door when I come home from work.
  • He gives me the best cut of steak.
  • He brings me coffee.
  • He reads my blog.
  • He tolerates the cat.
  • He cleans out the fridge.
  • He never complains about me being on my phone.
  • He doesn’t care that I binge watch Netflix.
  • He is always patient.
  • He tells me I am sexy and hot, ALL THE TIME.
  • He lights scented candles for the house.
  • He folds the socks, I loathe folding socks.
  • He didn’t complain about me taking over the garage for workouts.
  • He believes in me when I don’t.
  • He makes sure I eat vegetables.
  • He calmly works around all of my skincare products that are all over the bathroom counter.
  • He rinses out the sink after he shaves.
  • He puts his dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

These are just a FEW of the things he does for me.

And what can I say do I do for him? What is something I do for him to show my love? I only make sure his fly is up when he leaves the house.

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