Hello BMW

Hello BMW

Hello BMW. Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted something here on the old blog. I’ve had a lot going on in real life. One of the many things is that I have a new job now. At the end of January I became a Client Advisor for Century BMW.

Hello BMW

It was a big decision to make and I took some time to do so. This decision is in my Top 5 of difficult decisions I’ve had to make in my life. And this being the beginning of March, I do believe I made the right choice.

Great training, fantastic fellow sales associates, generous owners, and knowledgeable management, I feel I will be successful in my new endeavor. Not to mention it is SO MUCH FUN!

In about a week, I will be headed to Spartanburg, South Carolina to drive a few different models (X3s and X5s) on track and off-road to get a better understanding of what these vehicles can really do and how safe they are, along with the performance and handling. Talk about some great training!

Then, at the end of April, I will be headed to Atlanta for more extensive sales training for a few days. I definitely feel like this company is equipping me with the tools I will need to be successful in my new career.

So, how and why BMW or the car sales industry to begin with you ask? I’ll be honest, selling cars never once entered my mind, at all, never in my entire life did I think to myself, “Self, let’s go sell cars!”

However, sometime during December of 2016 a friend of mine stopped by the job I was working (fragrance, retail) and asked how I was doing, how was business, and yadda yadda yadda. I told her it was kind of slow and quite frankly I was bored, that I was putting feelers out. When she replied with, “Have you thought about selling cars?” As I recall, I scoffed and probably out loud in front of her. But when she left, her question stayed with me and so a few days later I called her up for coffee and bombarded her with questions. You see, she is also a Client Advisor and has been for years and very successful at it.

Long story short, here I am in the car-selling business. It was a big huge scary decision (because I’ve never worked a commission job before) but one I am glad I made, thus far.

And I am here to tell you, the way of selling cars has changed, for the better. With the coming of the internet age and smarter consumer, it has forced the hands of dealerships to get with the times and become competitive.

It is a more pleasant experience to purchase a car these days. It also helps that it is a locally family owned business as well.

At any rate, it was a good decision and I am having fun, learning too. It is never a boring day, that’s for sure.

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6 thoughts on “Hello BMW”

  1. This is bound to be a Good Thing, especially since women are going to be a substantial percentage of the dealership’s clients, and a lot of them worry about being ripped off by the old-boy network that always seems to be running things.

  2. You seem to have really taken to this thus far, and are already successful at it from what I’ve seen. I find myself in a similar situation – I am very close to landing a job with a company that would get me out of retail, but I am still weighing my options since this would be a base + commission-based job for me and I am not sure I’m cut out for it. I have really enjoyed keeping up with your BMW adventures!

  3. Well congratulations on your new venture, CA! I wondered why I hadn’t seen you at Bridge Street. Good for you! I wish you the very best in BMW sales. Maybe I’ll come by one day and try out the newest roadster. That would be fun, as long as you don’t convince me to buy one. 😉

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