Hello world! Carol MarksWhy yes, yes it is another blog. Don’t ask me why because I cannot give you an answer. It doesn’t matter now anyway, what is done is done. Let’s continue, move on.

When I posted on Facebook asking for a new blog title I received several cute and clever titles. But obviously, I went with Carol ReMarks. I loved it immediately.

My other blog, Moxie Beautiful, ran its course; its purpose I suppose. I don’t know that the purpose I had for it ever really lifted off in the first place. Now I am back to just Carol Marks. Or, Carol ReMarks if you will. I’m good with that. Feels good. Feels natural.

Don’t ask me what you will find here on any given day because I don’t know. I’m sticking to “I’m just your charmingly bold GenerationX blogger.”

If by chance you are a Moxie Beautiful reader, all of the posts from Moxie Beautiful have been imported into this one.

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Anyway, I hope you stick around and participate. Thanks for reading.

Your Charmingly Bold Generation-X Blogger,

I am your charmingly bold GenerationX blogger. This is my personal opinion and lifestyle blog.

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