Honeymooners, Part I

Oh, the writing prompt that is next in line is scrumptious. I knew right away what notebook I’d take back down off the shelf to use in this blog entry – the journal I kept during our honeymoon cruise.

We flew to Rome, Italy where we were then transported to Civitavecchia, Italy – about an hour away from Rome – to catch our cruise ship. We sailed to four Greek Isles; Rhodes, Mykonos, Santorini, and Athens then we headed to Naples, Sorrento, and visited Pompeii. Istanbul and Ephesus, Turkey were also on the agenda before we finally headed back to the original port of Civitavecchia.

After our cruise, The Gent and I stayed in Rome for a couple of days by ourselves. I was in heaven. I felt at home and so safe there. In fact, The Gent started to come down with a cold and I told him he could rest in the hotel room and I’d go out and sightsee, that’s how safe and at home I felt in Rome. Needless to say, The Gent came with me anyway. 🙂

So, the writing prompt is as follows…..

Monday, Nov. 5 — Noteworthy: I am an obsessive note taker. Whether I’m at church, at a conference, or in a meeting you are bound to find me scribbling in a notebook. Chances are, you can relate. Spend some time thumbing through notes you took at a conference, meeting, or other event (preferably one related to your blogging niche) and compose a post sharing what you learned.

I am going to share with you a little from my journal entries of our honeymoon cruise. These are very primitive in nature. I was writing too fast to think about fluffing them up creatively. I was trying to get down as many details as possible so as not to leave anything out.

Wednesday – November 5, 2008 – Mykonos, Greece (our first stop)
After being on the ship for two full days I had forgotten where we were, what we were doing and where we were about to go. So when we pulled into port, we stepped out on the observation deck and in plain view was the seaside of Mykonos and I had to remember to breathe. It suddenly dawned on me that we were no longer in Alabama. That there was a big ole huge world out there…..absolutely beautiful. White buildings, colorful shutters and doors. Small, quaint cobblestone walkways and streets leading every which way. We ate at Camaros where we had real cappuccinos. Everywhere you looked there was a cat. Yes, even at the outside eateries. Motor scooters and small cars rode up and down weaving in between pedestrians.

Thursday – November 6, 2008 – Rhodes, Greece
… I was up early again on this day. Good Lord, I am in the Mediterranean, when will this ever happen again? Nope, never. I want to see it all at every minute of the day and night. I had another “AH” moment when I rounded the ship’s breakfast buffet and saw Rhodes, Greece right in front of me, up close and personal, in real life, right outside the ship’s window. I don’t know why it surprised me, perhaps my brain hasn’t caught up with my body and realizes it is IN THE MEDITERANEAN ON MY HONEYMOON! Rhodes was a lot different from Mykonos. I don’t know why this surprises me. I guess I thought all the Greek Isles would be alike. Rhodes was bigger and no white houses everywhere. There were lots and lots of shops, little cafes, street vendors with clothes, shoes, leather goods, and trinkets. A tourist area for sure. The cats were running wild everywhere here too. We ate gyros at a cute little bistro where their outside seating was across the street. So you’d see the servers coming and going, weaving in and out of traffic on the road between the bistro and outside seating. Christina is our tour guide for this excursion. She’s a beautiful Greek woman with big brown eyes, the most beautiful skin the color somewhere in between hues of latte and cinnamon, shiny brown hair that was cut into a modern bob. She is tiny too, wearing beige skinny pants, a white long sleeve shirt that was form fitting (I must find one of those). At all times, she carried her large brown leather tote over her left shoulder which for some reason I thought was odd. She was very striking. The Gent and I walked off the beaten path for a little while. We found ourselves in the back alley ways and where the locals must live. We walked by an open door and it was someone’s house. The streets are so narrow I could have extended my arm to reach out and touch the stove in their kitchen. Our first purchase, other than food, was made in Rhodes – I bought a light blue pant/skirt wrap, a yellow sarong, and an olive color pashmina while The Gent purchased a a blue striped Grecian shirt.

Friday – November 7, 2008 – Santorini, Greece
Santorini sits up high on the mountains, or very large hill/cliff. To get up to Santorini, you either take cable cars or donkey by stairs. Now, when I say “stairs” I don’t mean your regular staircase you’d find in a building. No, these were old, rocky, uneven, and set wide apart from the next. They wind up the mountain and can be slippery. So you have pedestrians on foot hiking up and down these stairs and you have to share them with the donkey riders too. We opted for the cable cars going up. We ended up going down these stairs though on the way back. Scared me to death. Once up on Santorini the city spreads out. Again, with the narrow walkways and shops one after the other. Lots of silver and beaded jewelry, wraps and pashminas, candy and pastries. We didn’t venture too far out from the tourist area but we did manage to find a beautiful old church and lit candles for the kids.

Wow, this is getting to be a long entry. I’ll stop for now and finish it later in the weekend.

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8 thoughts on “Honeymooners, Part I”

    1. Pros and Cons of a cruise: Pro, you get to see a lot of ports in a short amount of time – so hopefully you can pick out your favorites to go back and visit with more time one day. Con, you see a lot of ports in a short amount of time. LOL Out of all the ports we stopped in I’d like to go back to Sorrento (I haven’t blogged about it yet) and LIVE THERE. Or Rome. I absolutely LOVED ROME.

      1. Perhaps you and The Gent should go on House Hunters International, and buy a small “vacation” home there – that way you’d have an excuse to go over for every holiday 🙂

  1. This sounds like my dream vacation. My #1 and #2 spots on my travel list are Greece and Rome. Thank you for sharing and renewing my dream for me. Sounds absolutely beautiful.

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