Success, CrossFit

How Do You Define Success?

The alarm went off loudly at 0400 and I hit the snooze button, crawled back into bed pulling the covers up over my head. I stayed in bed for about 30 seconds when I realized I wanted Success more than I wanted sleep.

Success, CrossFit

A few months ago, I was talking with someone about our workout routines and how much our workouts meant to us and why. He was much more articulate about it than me. What he said was that it was the one thing in his life, in a day, that he has control over and considers a success every single time, no matter how the workout goes, he showed up and did something.

This man owns a company, retired military, pursued and received Master’s degree while working a full time job, husband, father. To me, he looks to be successful all the time, in all areas of his life. Yet, he told me that he feels like a failure every day except when it comes to his workout.

What he told me that day has stuck with me, evidently. Because that is exactly what I thought about when I decided to get out of bed after all, after hitting that snooze button.

He was right. My workout is the only thing I feel I am successful at and have control over.

Of course, I also hear my coach and trainer Christina Barnett’s voice in my head too, “How bad do you want it?

She left this video in the comment section of my Facebook status check-in this morning…

There have been other things I thought I wanted:

  • Business owner
  • Writer, Novelist
  • Travel Blogger
  • Bigger house
  • College education (degreed)

Just to name a few, but what have I done to make that happen? I must not have wanted those things bad enough.

Pursuing this CrossFit thing has surprised no one more than myself. Trust me on that one.

Every workout that I show up to and participate in with the class is a success. Now, the rest of my day can totally collapse on me but I can ALWAYS call that one hour of CrossFit a success. No one can take that away from me. I like that feeling. #Strong

How do you define success?

Thanks for reading and show me your moxie!



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