How I Spend My Days Off

how i spend my days off

How I Spend My Days Off. I am in sales. I work for a local family-owned car dealership selling cars. It is a lot of work, good hard work, sometimes long hours and sometimes I do work on my day off as well.

How I Spend My Days Off

We are closed on Sundays so I know I will definitely get one day for sure. My scheduled day off is Wednesday and at the beginning of the month, I will make sure to do my very best to take that day off. Later in the month is a different story.

Anyway, when I do have the day off, needless to say I like to do absolutely nothing but relax.

Sundays I do laundry and watch Netflix all day. I may workout in the morning. I do the same thing on Wednesdays and/or I will also use that day to schedule doctor appointments and reserve that day for errands. But I really do try to do nothing but relax and recharge.

Occasionally, I may get a massage and every other Wednesday I get my nails done – getting my nails done is relaxing to me. But mainly, I want to hang out at home, no makeup, no bra, no visitors, and nothing to do but watch Netflix. I even go as far as paying my grown daughter to clean the house because I want to thoroughly relax on my days off!

Sometimes I may go see a movie in the theater.

I don’t want to have to think or worry about anything so I escape through Netflix or Amazon Prime. This is what I do on my days off. I don’t want to run around Huntsville, Lowe Mill, Campus 805, and probably won’t attend any of the Trash Panda events either. I don’t want to hike, run, or ride a bike on a trail either. The only far-out thing I MIGHT do is have coffee with a friend occasionally.

November is Blog Like Crazy, so I’ve addd that project to my days off. I do like blogging and I am glad for November and Blog Like Crazy.

So, to be clear, it is Netflix or Amazon Prime, blogging, an occasional movie at a theater, massages and nails, and MAYBE coffee with a friend every once in a while. And laundry. Always with the laundry.

What do you like to do to relax? Or better yet, what do you recommend on Netflix or Amazon Prime?

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