How To Be A Woman, Chapter 3 Review

Since posting last week’s Chapter 2 review, I have finished the book. Yes, I even read the one chapter I didn’t want to because I was fearful it would just piss me off. Yes, it pissed me off. I may not even do that chapter review here because I know I can’t be fair about it, so I’ll probably just end up skipping that chapter review.

But for now, here is chapter 3 review – I Don’t Know What To Call My Breasts!

Photo by Carol Marks

At this stage in the book it is still obvious she is fighting her way through puberty. She and her sister have peace talks about what they are going to call their private parts and how they can’t stand the word “Vag***.” The name Caitlin comes up for “it” is far more offensive so I’ll let you look it up in the book, page 57, last paragraph.

She transitions the chapter quickly into her own motherhood stories of having a baby and what they (Catilin and husband) are going to call their baby girl’s private parts. Trust me, this isn’t as gross as it sounds. I understand what her husband is talking about in this small section of this chapter. By the way, the conversation is taking place when he (Catilin’s husband) is changing the baby’s poopy diaper.

After this cute exchange of naming her baby’s various body parts, Caitlin gets back to the task of regular every day worldly young ladies and our dilemma (didn’t know we had one for this particular area of our lives) of using different terminology when referring to our genitals. Caitlin has gone so far as to bulletize all the different names we have come up with over the centuries.

When it comes to the chest however,  Ms Moran credits Scarlett Johansson for starting “my girls” reference for our breasts. I did always wonder there that came from, and now I know.

I didn’t quite understand this chapter and couldn’t find the message in it but it was a cute read I suppose.

The next chapter is where it gets really good. Chapter 4 – I Am A Feminist!

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