Hypothetical Question

You know that hypothetical question. You play it too I’m sure. What would you do with the money if you won the lottery? The Gent and I play this game sometimes and my answer is always, “I don’t know.” I mean sure, I’d pay off some bills, pay off the house, get the kids set up financially for their future, help out some family members and donate/tithe a percentage, invest, and blah blah blah.

But now I know what I would do with what was left. I know for sure, without question. I’d buy this:

360 East 88th Street New York City

Or something very similar. This particular one is for sale by the way for a mere $4.9M

Check it out….

The views alone are worth every penny. I don’t know when exactly I became infatuated with New York City. But I do know I want to live there. I want to live there so badly I can hardly stand it. Some people like to wake up in bed with a view of the ocean or with a view of acres and acres of green rolling pastures. Not me, I’d prefer to wake up with a view of a large sea of beautiful architectural buildings that light up the skies at night and reflect the sun just-so in the day time.

Just the thought of all those people right outside, hustling and bustling to do whatever it is they do. All of that at your fingertips. The diversity. The culture. My heart aches for it, it races with excitement just thinking about it right now. To be a part of it all…. ah.

I visited New York City a few years ago. I’ve heard and read where New Yorkers are some of the meanest people on the face of the earth, I have to disagree. When I was there they were nothing but helpful and polite and generous, very welcoming to the outsiders. They just like to keep to themselves. I suppose one has to in a city packed with people, to an extent. I would too. The people may be stone faced in public but I have a suspicion that their hearts are soft and golden and warm. Some of them anyway, the TRUE New Yorker.

So yeah, if I won the lottery this would the first move I’d make. I told The Gent already and told him he is more than welcome to join me in New York City. 😉 I’d have to win the lottery to be able to afford to move there, of course, because my office manager salary sure isn’t going to cut it. Heh. I suppose I could write that best selling novel and get there just the same. But that is like the lottery too.

::sigh:: I am 45 years old. What do I have to do to make this happen? My apartment doesn’t have to be this elaborate, like the one I’ve shown you here, obviously. Oh well, a girl can dream. Ya’ll, I’m just blogging out loud today trying to distract my brain today from all this other crap going on out there.

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