I Am Still Here

Well, well, well… I am still here. Did you even miss me? Don’t answer that, you probably didn’t even know I was gone. But it’s cool. I am still here. I still plan to blog, keep blogging. I have to be better with my time management.

I Am Still Here

So, what has been happening? I’ve been busy, with work. And it is awesome! I come home at night feeling like I have actually been productive, performed hard work, used my brain, and have been a use to some people. It is rewarding.

Now, some days I feel pretty beat up but it’s all good if that makes any sense whatsoever. I feel like I have worked hard, sometimes for nothing but not really for nothing, I have always learned something.

I’ll be honest, I know if I worked at any other car dealership, I’d probably be eaten alive! LOL. But where I am, with a family and locally owned dealership, I have been taken care of quite nicely. I don’t think I could sell cars anywhere else.

These past few months have been busy and taken all of my creativity and energy and focus away from blogging; fashion, beauty, and sharing my fitness. I still workout though, I will ALWAYS make time for that. But obviously, my blogging has suffered.

I don’t even know what my focus will be anymore, hell, I don’t even know what it is NOW!


Oh yeah, that’s it.

Okay, okay… just make time Carol. Be thoughtful, research, make time, schedule, repeat. Or don’t worry so much about it, it’s just a blog.

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