I Do Not Trust Reviews

I know people that rely on reviews for everything. Where to eat, where to stay, where to vacation, what to read; there is a review for everything these days.

Whether it be what makeup brand to use this season, the hottest tech gadget, pet food, clothing, movies, furniture, houses, banks, restaurants, tourist attractions, you name it, there is a review for it.

I am sick of reviews. I do not trust reviews.

I’m not talking about bloggers who may review something or recommend something on their personal blog. That is different. That is an influential decision, especially if I like or know the blogger. For example, when my friend Constance blogs about a restaurant she has recently visited, I am more apt to listen. She has taken time to schedule and plan, attend the restaurant, photograph the food, write up the post, edit/edit/edit, she reports her experience.

Some people just like to be contrary though. Some people are too picky. Some people just like to complain. Some people have their own taste or way of doing things. Some tolerance levels are different. People are different and expect different things. I am not going to let someone else sway me of what I do or don’t want to experience.

Unless there are a TON of bad reviews, over and over again, this should go without saying, but still and unfortunately, some people will need to read this little disclaimer. Because sure enough, someone will feel the need to “correct” me I’m sure.

I’m speaking generally. I’ve gone to websites and browsed some reviews and good grief y’all, some people can’t be satisfied and just want to bitch about something. Most of the time they are bitching about something they did that may have gone against the grain or direction or advice of the company. You want to play SEVEN people in a group on a golf course? And get pissed when the manager asks you to break the group up into two smaller groups for fast play? And you get pissed? I don’t know of ANY golf course that would allow a group of SEVEN people to play per hole. Idiots.

Typically, I don’t even read the reviews on any particular thing I am considering buying. I know that if I don’t like it I can return it. Stuff happens. Accidents happen. I get it. No one is perfect. I like to give the benefit of the doubt. However, in today’s keen emotional and hypersensitive world in which we’ve made, people are expected to be perfect. One little slip up and you are through.

But….. I know a lot of people do rely on reviews. They will spend hours browsing through reviews until they find that ONE ill-tempered customer who had a bad day and decided to unload on a company. Then by God, they will not use/stay/visit/buy that brand, because of that one bad review.

People, moderation. Please. And use commons sense. We still have common sense in America, right? That may be asking a bit much the days, I’m sure.

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2 thoughts on “I Do Not Trust Reviews”

  1. I rely on reviews but I also read them judicially. For instance, we just booked our next trip to Mexico and the hotel we booked overall has good reviews. Of course, there are a handful of bad reviews that were so opposite the good reviews it made me wonder which group actually stayed at a different hotel.

    On the other hand, on our last trip we stayed at a hotel that had been recommended by friends and we quickly realized how different we are from our friends. These are people who can go camping and be happy (we are hotel people), so the hotel the recommended didn’t have A/C and they were perfectly happy. We were wanting to kill each other.

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