I Love The Rain

Photo by me. The alley behind our town home.
I didn’t always love the rain. Certainly as a child I didn’t like the rain because that meant I couldn’t go outside to play. Back then I didn’t like being cooped up inside a stuffy old small trailer with nothing to do and nothing on our three channels.

But as an adult, I absolutely love the rain, especially when it is a cool, slow, steady rain. To me, it means Fall is right around the corner and is about to be ushered in. Fall is my most favorite season of all anyway.

Sometimes the rain means that The Gent takes the day off and is home. Most of the time the rain brings me joy because it means staying inside, wrapped up in a blanket with a good hot cup of coffee. I may read a book or catch a movie on television. It’s almost like the rain is giving me permission to relax and enjoy a guilt-free day of lounging around the house.

Of course I don’t mind getting out in the rain either. In fact, I was out in it today. I dawned my comfy clothes, rain boots, and headed out for a couple of meetings I had lined up today. Both meetings were writing related so I really didn’t mind getting out to cultivate my passion.

Maybe it is the feeling of dashing from the car, trying to dodge rain drops, splashing in puddles, and then getting inside to a warm dry place where people are gathered together that is comforting to me?

Personally, I think it still comes back to it being September and Fall being right around the corner.

It’s just romantic to be out and about in the rain. When The Gent and I were on our honeymoon, one of the stops we made on our cruise was to Pompeii. It was the only stop where it decided to pour down rain. We were drenched but we did have an umbrella with us that our cruise shape gave us. The kind of umbrella where only one person can barely fit under it? But we shared it anyway and it was so romantic to be in such close proximity to my new husband; bodies touching and keeping each other warm all cuddled up under the small umbrella. We were certainly cheek to cheek, feeling his breath on my neck giving me goose bumps.

Oh yes, I do enjoy the rain.

2 thoughts on “I Love The Rain”

  1. I agree with Carol. I absolutely love the rain too. The rain makes me feel cozy, warm, and cleans my soul. I miss the rain when we don’t get it for weeks on end. Rain is like a best friend that you haven’t seen for awhile but is always there when you need it.

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