I Quit

I quit! My last post, I blogged wanting to shed social media. I feel like I need to be more specific and perhaps create a list of things I want to quit. 

I want to quit the following:

    Quit checking Facebook every five minutes.  Or hell, quit checking my phone (in general) every five minutes. 
    Quit saying and thinking negative things about myself.
    Quit comparing myself to others. Easier said than done.
    Quit having a defeating attitude.
    Quit making excuses.
    Quit complaining.
    Quit wanting more.
    Quit wishing.
    Quit hitting the snooze button.
    Quit being unprepared.
    Quit giving-in.
    Quit reacting.
    Quit believing everything people say.
    Quit being nosy.
    Quit talking so much.

OK, I think that is a good start.

What about you? Do you have some things you want to stop doing?

Author: Carol Marks

Your charmingly bold Generation-X and opinion blogger - one hot cuppa Moxie!

2 thoughts on “I Quit”

  1. I need to make a list! A lot of mine would match up with yours. I’d have to add quit isolating myself so much and quit filtering myself so much. Quit judging myself so harshly. I get so worried that people are going to take what I say the wrong way so I just don’t say anything at all. It makes people think I don’t care when the exact opposite is true.

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