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Closet, Clothing

I’ve been toying with the idea of helping women in the style, fashion, beauty, fitness arena – somehow, someway. Haven’t been able to quite nail it down with specific details or anything like that. I still like “just blogging” and if anyone gets anything out of it then so be it.

But I have talked about wanting this blog to take me to better places. I got the chance today when a friend of mine asked me to help her style her outfits for her business trip coming up this month.

First of all, this friend of mine is totally stylish all on her own and does NOT need my help. But I thank her for her confidence in me and allowing me to help out. It was so much fun and she did reassure me that I helped her and gave her ideas that she would have never thought about before – white outfit in picture below.

When I arrived, she pretty much had an idea of what she wanted to take with her. She is a pro at this sort of thing – the business trip is a Mary Kay conference that she attends every year and one year I even went with her!

She is a Super-Star Sales Director and always looks knock-out gorgeous! As I said, she had the bulk of her decisions made already and just needed help tweaking some accessories and such.

The one outfit I helped her put together was the white outfit for the “Wild Night” – a themed party where everyone is to wear some sort of wild animal print. I was immediately drawn to this white/black tank for a zebra theme. You know everyone else will be wearing leopard print.

Anyway, enjoy some photos I snapped during our visit. Thank you Christy for trusting me and inviting me to help.

Closet, Clothing

Mary Kay, Bumble Bees, Sales Director

The following picture is the outfit that I helped her pick out for the Wild Night (animal print) themed party. I think she looks fabulous! Did you first think of zebra when you heard animal print?

Wild Night Theme, White Suit, Style



This little number is stunning. An elegant black strapless wide-legged jumpsuit with a simple silver chain belt. The choker adds a retro touch while still keeping it classic and sleek. Sometimes less is more. Bogging it down with heavy jewelry would take away the beauty of the outfit and how stunningly gorgeous Christy is all by herself!


Next, her Mary Kay Sales Director suit making its debut. She has a black sheath dress under the long jacket. Belted to give it some bling yet still stays professional and polished.


You’ll notice I am not a big fan of the seemingly ever popular huge gigantic necklaces. And I am so glad Christy agreed with me on this point. Yes, the big necklace has its place but it has to be the right place, the right outfit. A beautiful décolletage doesn’t need to be covered up with piles of beads and pearls.

But I do like statement earrings.


And look at this ladies, a tackle box for your jewelry! How brilliant is that I ask you?


Christy Dunn, Mary Kay Sales DirectorChristy is a Sales Director with Mary Kay and she loves helping women change their lives. It is not just about lipstick and makeup but Christy has a savvy business mind and helps inspire women get outside of their comfort zone, educating them along the way to seek out the EPIC lives they are meant to be living.

She has an authentic passion for helping women achieve their dreams. Christy is an encourager and business coach. She is one of the most positive people I know and I am so glad she is my friend.

We had a lot of fun and again I would like to thank Christy for thinking of me for her styling needs. I can’t wait to hear all about her trip and see photos! Wish I was going with her.

Meet Zoe, one of two Pugs that reside with Christy and who was not allowed in the bedroom. But she wanted to help so badly!
Meet Zoe, one of two Pugs that reside with Christy and who was not allowed in the bedroom. But she wanted to help!

Thanks for reading and show me your moxie!

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  1. Fabulous styling technique, Carol! You should become a personal stylist. All of your clever suggestions are unique with a touch of class!

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