In The Heat #OOTD

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In The Heat #OOTD – trying to pick out an outfit to wear in the southern heat can be daunting. Well, for me it can be daunting. Luckily, on this particular day, it was easy.

My day was going to be full of errand running and meetings. I needed to look nice, polished, and put together for some of the meetings. But having to get in and out of the car, going in and out of businesses and stores while errand running, I did not want to work up a sweat.

Outfit of the Day, Fashion, Style, In the Heat

Finding this outfit of the day made my day cool and breezy. Sleeveless tank style lightweight fabric for the blouse and a linen-rayon blend for the trousers which are lined by the way. The combination fo the wide-legged trousers and loose-fitting blouse made for a comfortable airy outfit.

Now, I did not purchase these items of clothing together. I have had the pants for several years and the top for probably a little over one year now. So when I went to my closet to find an outfit for the day, I was hesitant to put these two together for a couple of different reasons.

  1. Different fabrics
  2. Color and pattern combo

But you know what? I thnk it turned out nicely and I even received a compliment.

Some things I need to know though – 1.) how do you keep from wrinkling your trousers all day when you have to sit down a lot and 2.) how do I keep the lining from hanging out of the bottom when I sit down?

Top = Merona
Trousers = Alex Marie (Dillards)
Shoes = Coach and Four (SteinMart)
Photo shoot produced by The Gent.

Ciao Mio Amore,

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