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Today we are going with my blog host/designer for this week’s blog interview. Her name is Tammy Hanson and she owns Tammy’s Designs. I’ve been with Tammy since I began blogging something like 8 years ago. I’ve owned different domain names and various blogs along the way. If I paid for a new .com then Tammy did the hosting and design for the new blog. She’s probably lost count now how many she has done for me. I’m finally settling with Carol Marks Online…. but she has redesigned it several times and will redesign it again in the future, I’m sure of it.

But enough about me, on with the interview with Tammy’s Designs…..


When did you start in your business?
September 2005

What made you decide to start your business? History.
I decided to make a website for our family when we first got our computer (1998, I think). I started out on Geocities (remember them?!). It was a truly horrible website…animated stuff everywhere. Typical drag and drop. As I got more comfortable on the computer, I decided I wanted a “prettier” website. I downloaded a template, and couldn’t figure out how to use it. I started studying HTML coding on my own, because I wanted to be able to do it myself (I had three young children and couldn’t afford to pay someone to do it for me). In 2004, I got interested in blogging, and taught myself how to customize the template. I started doing it for friends, and one thing lead to another. Why not get paid for something that you have fun doing?

Tell me what you do.
I host, design, you name it. Mostly blogs these days, as that’s what I’ve become comfortable with. Word Press is my favorite framework, although I do work with others from time to time. I also work full time at Macy’s, as the Home Store Sales Lead.

What is one of your recent accomplishments?
Talking my friend Stacy into going ahead with her new site. She wasn’t sure. I was. It’s a great site, and I’m glad I was able to talk her into it.

How do you network? Build business?
Primarily through friends. I still do a lot of work for friends, and they’re great at recommending me to their friends. I also use Facebook to network.

What is your key to success?
Be dependable, and listen to your clients. They know what they want. It’s my job to bring it to life.

Can you share a tip with the readers?
Follow your dream! If you want to do something in life, get out there and do it. Don’t be afraid to try.

How do you keep current in your area of expertise? Continuing education?
I take occasional online classes. I try to stay current with trends, and what people like. I’d love to go back to school someday, and learn to do more complicated sites.

What is your most rewarding moment?
When a site comes together, and my clients are happy. There’s nothing like positive feedback.

Community Involvement?
I moved to Vermont recently, and haven’t been able to really get involved in much. In Florida, I was very active with the Denise Amber Lee Foundation (, who are fighting to bring about improvements in the 911 system. Go visit their website. It’s a wonderful organization, and I really miss working with them.

Is there anything special you have coming up that you’d like to share with everyone? Events, promotions?
I frequently run specials. Right now, I’m offering 10% off all new designs.

###   [This concludes the interview]   ###

I hope you have enjoyed this interview. I wanted to interview Tammy because I want to help her grow her business. The one thing I really like about working with Tammy is that she is THERE FOR YOU. Anytime I have a problem or issue (which is rare by the way) and I email her, she responds quickly. I feel better that I am dealing with a real person, someone who knows me. While Tammy and I have never met face to face and she has even moved her business from Florida to Vermont, she has never skipped a beat when it comes to keeping my blog up and running.

Tammy’s Designs
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