Iron Tribe Huntsville

I have officially made the switch from CrossFit Impulse to Iron Tribe Huntsville. It is a bittersweet adaptation.

The explanation why I made the move is one of convenience. I blogged about it in one of my Moxie Shorts posts. I loved CrossFit Impulse and have great memories.

But on with the new – Iron Tribe Huntsville. I’m an official member as of the beginning of this month. I’ve been going regularly, meeting new athletes, and had my assessment this morning. The coach and I set three goals for the next 90-days.

  1. Get my first unassisted pull-up
  2. Lose a dress size
  3. Work on improving my endurance

We talked about nutrition of course and just got to know one another a little better. Stephanie is who I met with, head coach at Iron Tribe Huntsville. Super nice person! I liked her right away and that’s saying something for me.

At any rate, this post was really meant to be to promote the New Grip Power Pads from Weight Lifting Gloves, of which I am an affiliate and sponsored athlete.

I’ve been being lazy and not using them lately, and guess what happened the other day?

Iron Tribe Huntsville, Weight Lifting Gloves, New Grip Power Pads, Sponsored Athlete

I work for a major cosmetics company and part of my job is to treat women to complimentary hand & arm massages to demonstrate some of our products. Now, no one wants me touching their hands and arms with this gigantic nastiness! My hands need to be nice looking and soft in my line of work. Plus, I am a girl, I would like to have nice looking hands in general!



Previously, I’ve blogged about the New Grip Power Pads. And it’s time to bring them back out again. They stay in my car, in my little workout bag. For the life of me, I don’t know why I did not weIT6ar them that particular day. I even THOUGHT about it beforehand, on my way to the gym, but walked right in and forgot. That is, until the workout started.

I will not forget them again.

Weight Lifting Gloves carries other gear too. I also have a pair of The Grip Power Pads – literally padded, velcro closure, smaller and narrower fit for ladies hands, and a layer of neoprene.


Check out my Sponsored Athlete Page over at

I think I am going to like the new place – Iron Tribe Huntsville. I will blog more about my experiences with them in the future.

Thanks for reading and show me Your Moxie!

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