It’s a new day, a new design

I’ve always wanted this blog to be about my efforts in the writing world. So I finally broke down and did it. This was inspired by Susan Cushman and her writing blog/site. I like how she has a front static page and then a link at the top of her menu bar to her blog.

So I have adopted that sort of thing too. I’ll have to add more to my front page. I don’t have anything published like Susan does so I’ll have to come up with something else to put on the front page.

Not sure how often I’ll get over here to post the blog or what sorts of things I’ll write about. I’ll play it by ear for now. I’m excited about the new design. It is slow in coming and will develop over time.

Hope you keep coming back.


  • Kim @ This Belle Rocks

    Love the new look, Carol! And can’t wait to read your novel! Sounds like me, all except for the laundromat part. My past is definitely holding me back, at least right now, from a great future!

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