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Let’s Talk Nail Polish

Lately, I’ve been addicted to nail polish. I’ve tried several different brands and quite frankly, I’ve loved them all in their individual unique ways.

This morning, I will narrow it down to two brands for this particular blog post. Let’s talk nail polish.

But first, a little football colloquy.

As I type this, I’m sitting in our VRBO beach condo (rental) and about to watch the Georgia Bulldogs. It is Saturday in the south in September so that means football Saturday, even at the beach. I swear, there are some LSU fans right now hauling out some ridiculous length power cord to their tent which is set up on the beach so they can watch the game.


The beach is exactly what prompted this blog post this morning. I am sitting here admiring my home pedicure and am amazed that it is still holding up even after walking on the beach for the last few days. All that sand and stuff scratching and exfoliating my feet; and my nail color stays put?! Yes, that is blog worthy.

On my toes I have NAILSINC™ Gel Effect in Hyde Park Place color. This is the first time I purchased this brand. I saw it at Sephora and decided I had to have it because of the color. I am always up to try new nail polish. I was on a Butter London kick, and I still love that brand but I am digging this NAILSINC brand too.

It goes on easy and smooth. The consistency is rich and think, luxurious. I did not have a problem with it bubbling at all.

The color has been on my toes for going on two weeks now and let me tell you, I am rough on my feet. As I stated earlier, I’ve been walking up and down the beach, in the sand, for the last four days. When I’m not at the beach, I wear socks and shoes a lot of the time. I also wear stilettos. Rarely do I wear sandals, flip flops, or open toe shoes. And I wear Chucks when I work out so it’s not like I am being all prissy on my feet all the time.

I have utilitarian feet, not cute little Barbie feet. I have been known to refer to my feet as Fred Flintstone feet. I hate my feet. But I LOVE this nail polish.

NailsInc Nail Polish

NailsInc Nail Polish


I have been exploring the NAILSINC website and looking for what I want to purchase next. My shopping cart already has a few times in it to where I qualify for free shipping. They have a “Style Your Own” where you can pick a color, select a special lid/top, and customize your bag/box. Can you say gifts for friends? Indeed. I know one blogging bestie that has a birthday coming up next month. 🙂

My first NAILSINC purchase was from Sephora at Bridge Street in Huntsville, Alabama. I will definitely purchase from there again as well.

Now, on to the second nail polish I want to talk about. I purchased this one on a whim from Walgreens of all places. I believe I got it on sale too. Walgreens website lists it for $5.99 but I swear I got it for half price at my local Walgreens.

The color is Doutzen’s Nude by L’Oreal from the Collection Privee. I am absolutely in love with these nude colors. In my line of work, I cannot wear flashy, patterned, decorative nail polish. I work for a major cosmetic company and I also give hand/arm massages. So not only do I have to keep my nails short but my nail polish has to be subdued. I have all kinds of nude nail colors!

L'Oreal nail polish Walgreens nude color


L'Oreal nail polish Walgreens nude color

FYI, Doutzen’s Nude is named for Doutzen Kroes, a former Victoria’s Secret Angel and now under contract with L’Oreal.

This has also been a tough little nail polish. Easy to put on, needed two coats which is normal with most polish. I’ve had it on about a week now and it has not chipped. It is just now starting to wear down on the tips but barely. You wouldn’t notice unless you were looking for it on purpose. This color is beautiful! I am happy with this purchase.

For the record, I use OPI Top Coat with all nail color. I love that particular top coat. I have no idea if this keeps the nail color on longer and helps it not to chip or not. But I feel like I should let you all know that is the top coat I use and have always used.

Thanks for reading and show me Your Moxie!


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