L’OREAL Makeup Genius App

Loreal Makeup Genius App

I happened upon a cool little app the other day; L’OREAL’s Makeup Genius App. I wish I could remember how I found this app. Maybe it was from one of the fashion magazines I picked up lately. I can’t remember. But, this little app by L’OREAL is really Genius!


First, it scans your face. It will give you brief instructions, like it wants you to relax your face and not move for a few seconds. It doesn’t take long for the scanning process.

After it scans your face, it gives you two options:

  1. Try a product on
  2. Try on ready-to-wear looks

Side Note: you can scan an item. So for example, if you are out and about shopping and you find an eyeshadow you like but want to know what it would look like on you, simply tap the “scan” option. Then scan in the barcode to add it to the database and there you go!

Not only does this app give you the option to see what you look like in a particular look but it also puts it on you and allows you to move around. After it scans your face, it gives you some product and makeup-looks to try out. You can select eyeshadows, blushes, eyeliners, lipsticks, and more.

But it doesn’t just throw it on to a photograph of you, it will put it on you while you are looking at yourself in the camera and moving around. Yes! Then, if you like the look you can take a picture and share it. It is Genius!

Here are some looks I did this morning.

Loreal Makeup Genius App
I named this one Spike
Loreal Makeup Genius App
I call this one Smoky
Loreal Makeup Genius App
I named this one Emerald City – it’s The Gent’s favorite one.

It will save your products and save a look. It gives a brief description of the items you are trying on too. You can even BUY the products right from the app. It will take you to a Target shopping cart/checkout.

The last look I have up there, the one I named Emerald City:

  • L’oreal True Match Blush – Bably Blossom
  • L’oreal Extra Intense Eyeliner in black
  • L’oreal Duel Effects in Emerald Conquest
  • L’oreal Infallible Lipcolour in Geranium

And like I said before, it does not just put it on a picture. It will let you move around. I was able to move from side to side, close my eyes, pucker up, and make all sorts of faces while the virtual makeup was on.

These three different looks took about 10 minutes total. It was so much fun. I am addicted to this app! It’s the first time I can see what a smoky eye looks like on me. And I played around with colors I normally would NOT wear. Now, if I could only apply it to myself, in real life!

If you download the app and start using it, tag me on Instagram so I can see what looks you are trying @moxiebeautiful on Instagram.

Thanks for reading and show me your moxie!

2 thoughts on “L’OREAL Makeup Genius App”

  1. My daughter is addicted to this app, but I haven’t sat still long enough to search for it let alone try. I’m with the Gent, that green really makes your eyes pop! I may play around tonight and let you know if I’m successful. Real life is a whole other story… 🙂

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