Loretta Spencer

Loretta Spencer & Strong Coffee (WBCNA)

No, Loretta doesn’t drink coffee. I overheard her tell that to our host when she first stepped off the elevator of the Women’s Business Center where Loretta was about to give a talk.

I am a supporter of the Women’s Business Center of North Alabama (WBCNA). I believe in their mission and they do good work for our business community. Once a month, or once every other month, they host an event called Strong Coffee, Strong Women. It’s a networking opportunity as well as a great way to start your day with an uplifting and positive message.

Loretta SpencerThis month, when I found out the speaker was none other than Loretta Spencer, well, I knew I had to be there! She became mayor shortly after I moved to Huntsville back in the 1990s. Spencer was also the first woman mayor of Huntsville.

She served three terms as mayor and I got to listen to her journey into politics. I recorded the speech on my iPhone, voice only. I was going to try and link it here in the blog post but the file is too large.

In the meantime, here is what I picked up from Loretta’s talk:

Common Sense – use your common sense in business decisions. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Sadly, a lot of so-called leaders in the business world just don’t have a lot of common sense anymore.

Volunteer – find something that suits your skills and passion. But always do it – volunteerism is always a good thing – and helps keep you relevant and experienced. Your talents will become diverse as you continue to grow.

Feed them – this is a little bit of a funny but also true. Want something from someone, a favor? Take them food. Loretta told the story of when the first night time construction crew worked on Airport Road. She showed up with donuts on the first night.

Ask for help – I think most of us have gotten better at this, don’t you? I believe women have an easier time of asking for help than men do.

Stewardship – be responsible, take responsibility for yourself and your team. Be focused and flexible, know your plan and be confident in leading your team.

People & Relationships – you’ve got to be social people and I don’t mean just on Facebook. I mean get out there and meet folks, socialize in person, be kind and interested in others.

I was going to try and upload the recording I took of the talk but WordPress tells me the file is too large. If you are interested in a copy please feel free to contact me.

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