Mammogram Day

Today was my yearly mammogram. Oh joy and lucky me. It wasn’t that bad, actually. I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. I kid you not. I timed it. I remember last year when I went in and remembering being stunned how quickly they moved. I was the only one there so they must have hired a super smart scheduler.

I believe it took me longer to drive there than the appointment itself. I think I spent longer time in the Wendy’s drive-thru yesterday at lunch (getting a salad of course) than I did today getting The Girls checked.

The initial results looked good, nothing jumped out on the first look-thru that disturbed anyone. I don’t know of any breast cancer in my family so I have that reason not to be concerned as well. Still, I go get a mammogram. It doesn’t cost me anything (for now) and it was quick. I mean really, I left the office at 10:00 and was back at 11:00 on the dot and that was with stopping on the way back to pick something up from the store.

For me, it wasn’t as painful, physically, as some women make it out to be, just awkward and humiliating. Perhaps that is why they make it quick – in and out – before you really know what happened to you. The assistant I had was a pro too, she kept talking to me about regular everyday crap that doesn’t matter and complimenting on my shoes and asking me questions. She is experienced. She was distracting me. She did her job well. I appreciated it.

Yep, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so I went and did the deal.

[Blogger’s Note: When I say it doesn’t cost me anything I mean that I have health insurance through my work that does come out of my paycheck. ]



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