Mark Facebook Zuckerberg

Mark Facebook Zuckerberg

Do you really think I believe Mark Facebook Zuckerberg and his apology? Do I believe he didn’t know what was happening within his company? Hell no. He knew. And guess what, no one cares.

Mark Facebook Zuckerberg

That’s right. No one will give a flying flip about data breaches and sharing of private information. People will continue to use Facebook. They can’t help themselves, they are hooked. The commoners have become dependent on Facebook and all of its seductions.

It’s sad but true. It’s where people go to get their news and they will believe every single word, article, and post. Facebook this, Facebook that, Facebook market, Facebook Live, Facebook advertisements, Facebook status updates, using Facebook as your business website. It is nauseating. People, wake up and start thinking for yourselves again!

Anyway, my point is that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook will survive and thrive. He can pretty much do anything he wants and get away with it because the sheep will follow.

And yes, I’m on Facebook too but I don’t rely on it for life and business. It’s mainly for entertainment purposes for me now.

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