Memphis Daytrippin’

On Saturday, August 30th, I had the opportunity to travel to Memphis, Tennessee to visit with some writing friends. Susan Cushman hosted an event at her home and the guest speaker was Neil White, author of In the Sanctuary of Outcasts. He recently launched a new venture under his Nautilus Publishing Company called Triton Press, a hybrid publishing house.

Traveling with me was Kathyrn Lang, my friend and Alabama author who is also a member of The Nora Guild. I am so glad she was able to attend the event with me. She likes to get out and about to meet new people, network, while spreading her message of HOPE.

Neil White introduced us to his Triton Press hybrid publishing house and the services they offer. He also gave a brief talk on the publishing world in general while nurturing the self-publisher.

Neil White, Triton Press, Memphis, Authors, Publishing

I am not anywhere near ready to seek out publishing help, not even an editors help, that would require that words be on paper. But, I wanted to attend the event to see Susan and all the other writers I met back in 2011 at the Creative Nonfiction Workshop we all attended together and where I first met Neil White. At that time, he was one of the presenters at the conference and his talk was on the book proposal.

Memphis, Writers, Authors, Publishing, Triton Press Hybrid Publishing, Neil White
Introductions first!
Writers, Authors, Publishing, Neil White, Triton Press, Hybrid Publishing

Anyway, it was a great time and worth the 4-hour drive, one-way. I would probably go to any event Susan Cushman puts on, if my calendar allowed it. She seems to have really built up quite the writing community around her. It is something I am trying to do here, in north Alabama. It is slow going.

In the meantime, I’ll just write,

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