crossfit impulse, lunges

I Met The Bulgarians This Week At CrossFit

This week in CrossFit I met the Bulgarians. They are not the first group of outlanders I’ve been introduced to at CrossFit. For example, I have become very familiar with the Russians and their Poods as well.

crossfit impulse, lunges

But the Bulgarians! I can still feel their presence three days later. They have a great butt workout. Here’s how it went down for me:

Bulgarian Lunges

I held 36lbs (or 1 Pood) close-in to my chest while I put one foot up on a bench behind me, and then I squatted. 30 times. On each leg. Sure, it doesn’t sound like much and I didn’t really feel anything until later that night and two days later I still feel the result. But it is a good sore. I needed that!

This video does not show him holding weights. I held two 18lb kettlebells close into my chest while I did these lunges.

Who would have thought that doing such a seemingly easy move would cause so much soreness, for three days? Man, I thought I had worked all of my muscle groups by now. I’m on my second year of CrossFit after all.

Those crazy trainers are always coming up with something new to do. 😉 And I love every minute of it.

Thanks for reading and show me your moxie!


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