So I was looking for some essay contests to enter and I found THE ONE, on my first try. It’s because I looked at the Creative Nonfiction website. I subscribe to their magazine and love it.

Last year, I nearly submitted an essay for the Southern Sin issue but in the end, decided not to submit. But this new one? Oh yeah, I am definitely in and I think I could win it! Why? Because the topic is MISTAKES.

Lordy! This one is right up my alley and they pretty much just handed it to me. My life, and my decisions, have been one mistake after the other. Let me count the ways!

I cannot wait to dive into this one. And, on top of that, the deadline is November 1st (my son’s birthday and my wedding anniversary). I mean could there be any other “signal” I could receive that this is THE ONE to enter?

My dilemma, of course, is going to be picking WHICH MISTAKE in my life that I’ve made to write about!

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