Momma’s Got a Brand New Bag

A year or so ago I did a post titled, “What’s in my bag.” The post did very well, got a lot of hits. This post is not exactly the same thing but instead I wanted to show you my new bag, not necessarily what is in it though. However, with showing you my new bag, you will inevitably find out what is in it.

My new bag is not a purse. I did not find it in the handbag section of a department store. It’s not even a backpack or a computer bag. It is actually a huge makeup tote by MAC Cosmetics. That’s right. It’s a large carry-all makeup bag for what I assume are professional makeup artists.

But, I LOVE the way it looks. I love the handles. I love that it is nylon but still so stylish. I love the square boxed look. It holds its shape well. It does open up to lay flat but I rarely open it up all the way. It has two zippers that can meet in the middle. So, when I need anything out of my new bag, I do not have to open it up all the way.

Everything inside is compartmentalized. One side of the bag has three different zippered mesh compartments. In the middle is a flap (also with pockets) that can flip to either side of the bag. Then, on the other side, it’s just all open space. However, in those open spaces came clear zipper pouches that can velcro in. I took them out but kept them in case I ever needed them again or wanted to use it for a travel case. I’ll probably do another post about this and provide images for those pouches at that time.

For now, here are some shots of my new bag.


3 netted compartments on one side
3 netted compartments on one side
Open on the other
Open on the other


For once in my life I did not make this an impulse buy. I thought about it for a week before finally deciding that I wanted it. And I am so glad I did eventually get it. This bag is the best. It also has outside pockets that come in handy. The straps are sturdy and is probably the only “purse” that I have ever owned that actually stays up on my shoulder when I carry it. There is also no logos anywhere on it – love that! I think it looks stylish and chic. I feel stylish and chic carrying it.

What’s your favorite bag? It’s okay to have more than one favorite too.

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