What Does Moxie Beautiful Mean to You?

Moxie Beautiful Meaning

What does Moxie Beautiful mean to you? I want to know. I’m taking a survey and would like to know what you think of when you hear the words Moxie Beautiful used together? What sort of images come to mind? I know what it means to me, it’s why I created this blog and I’ll tell you why….

What Does Moxie Beautiful Mean to You?

I thought long and hard about coming up with the name to my blog; Moxie Beautiful.

  1. It needed to be able to cover a wide variety of topics.
  2. I wanted it to be geared towards women of my age.
  3. And most importantly, I wanted it to be something different with some edge and not loaded up with all sorts of fakey-fake crap.

In today’s blogosphere, perfect social media, and everyone marketing their lives online as something more than perfect, I wanted this blog to reflect real life, real struggles, real concerns, and how we all overcome obstacles. I wanted it to be fun and sassy as well. I wanted to build a community of Moxie Beautiful women.

So, I ask you, what does Moxie Beautiful conjure up for you when you hear those words? Look at this like research, I am performing a survey to help come up with my mission statement and I need your help.

I ask that you don’t tell me that it doesn’t matter what others think, to just blog about what I want. I realize this, I know this, but I am wanting your input and asking what you think Moxie Beautiful means. I want your ideas and definitions.

Thanks for reading,

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