Moxie Shorts #14

moxie shorts

Weekly randomness in my life, current installment.

Moxie Shorts #14

  • Survived my second Black Friday in retail.
  • I have two certificates to give away to serious potential Iron Tribe future members. It is for a free Basic 101 class – meets three times a week for four weeks. A hell of a deal folks.
  • Looking forward to going to Athens with a friend next week.
  • #BlogLikeCrazy is over and I’ve slacked off this week (first week in December) already.
  • Went to see Bullets Over Broadway a weekend or two ago, it was AWESOME.
  • Made all sorts of lofty blogging goals for December and already I am falling short. Oh well.
  • Had a much-needed massage last week. Finally!
  • As I am typing this, the kids are putting up our Christmas tree. I’m just not in the mood, at all, this year.
  • My doctor retired, I now have been assigned a new one from within the practice. I refuse to go see the new one unless I am on my death bed.
  • Thanksgiving was meh.

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