Moxie Shorts #19

This is a blog post about my life in shorts, meaning, short snippets instead of long rambling posts one after the other. My life in bullet points.

Moxie Shorts #19

  1. I’ve been doing the CrossFit Open Games, will be doing 16.4 this week. There are five workouts over five weeks. Most all of the CrossFit affiliates do this, compete, and we get scored. It is a ton of fun!
  2. We have new floors! The water heater burst, flooding our downstairs. And now we have new floors. I may do a blog post on this at some time, maybe.
  3. Made a trip to Ohio for my niece’s wedding.
  4. Still letting my hair grow out. It is a slow-going task.
  5. Found some old family photos. I will definitely be sharing more about these later.
  6. I have lost three pounds since being back at CrossFit. Eating properly again too.
  7. Oy, this political season is going to do me in I tell ya. Goodness gracious, I may have to do a few blog posts about this as well, under the Grit category for The Moxie Column. I just can’t help it.
  8. The Girlchild is close to moving out, one more step to empty-nest syndrome. I thought I may be happy about this but I am finding it more difficult than I anticipated.
  9. Three-day weekend coming up! I am hoping to spend some time on the blog, catching up.
  10. I’ve been doing Periscope on a regular basis. You can mainly find me early morning do a post-WOD CrossFit Periscope where I am all sweaty and red-faced. You can find me @MoxieBeautiful on Periscope.

That’s it for this installment of Moxie Shorts.

Ciao mio Amore,

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