Moxie Shorts #23


Moxie Shorts, my life in short snippets. This week is Moxie Shorts #23. My weekly updates in bullet points.

Moxie Shorts #23

  1. My oldest turned 21-years old this week.
  2. Had family birthday dinner at the in-laws for the Spring/Summer babies.
  3. Attended Folk Fusion at the Huntsville Museum of Art and had an outstanding time!
  4. Went to the shooting range for a little practice. I won’t wait that long again in between.
  5. I haven’t attended CrossFit in over a week and I can feel it. Ugh!
  6. Had two glorious days off in a row this week.
  7. Reading a new book, new to me, titled Empire Falls by Richard Russo. Love it!
  8. The season finale of the Walking Dead! I may not be able to watch it anymore.
  9. A coworker has started her maternity leave and I will miss her.
  10. I need/want a vacation, I can hardly stand it. But of course, we are starting in on The Gent’s busiest season at HIS work, so……
  11. Still letting my hair grow out, it’s getting longer and I am liking it. I have finally found some hair care products that I am in love with and can’t live without. I’ll do a blog post about them later.


So I guess that’s it for this week’s Moxie Shorts. Thanks for reading.

Ciao Mio Amore,

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